Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet Kisses

Another Valentine's Day post! I know...because I am sweet like that! Just kidding.

Anyhow, along with getting sweet chocolate, nothing is more special than feeling loved and getting some sweet kisses! Literally...

Now I know there are many edible, sweet tasting or smelling makeup products out there, like the ones by Jessica Simpson. They are delicious and very fragrant, but what goes into them? I have no idea--I mean, I don't think they add chocolate into a chocolate flavor lipstick, do they?

Talking about chocolate (again)! I am going to teach you how to turn chocolate powder or cocoa powder into a beautiful blush and a sweet dessert for your boyfriend or girlfriend for Valentine's Day! And it's super easy and simple. All you need is a bag of hot cocoa or some cocoa powder!

Oh yes, you would also need a blush brush. And please! If you are allergic to chocolate. DO NOT try this! Your cheek is going to blush but not from the cocoa powder but from rashes!

So I like to mix sweet hot cocoa with darker tone non-sweeten cocoa powder. You want your boyfriend to taste the sweet from the hot cocoa but you want your face to retain the beautiful color from the dark cocoa powder.

When you dap your brush into the powder, tap the handle gently on your hand to tap off excess powder and sugar. Then gently apply it onto your cheek in circular motion. Repeat as needed. I added a couple layer and it's pretty heavy. I can feel the layering on my face. So yes, do not do this often as it will block your pores. Just do it for fun once in awhile.

The cocoa leaves a really strong chocolatey smell on your face. So it act as a mild chocolate perfume as well, which is an added bonus!

Have a Happy and Lovely Valentine's Day!

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