Saturday, February 6, 2010

2010 Big Eat SF List: #12 RoliRoti, #36 San Tung, #37 Limon & #49 Miette

#12: Porchetta Sandwich at RoliRoti

Went to the Farmer's Market on an early Saturday morning with a bad cold & cough just to line up for this...and I am glad I did. It was so good and juicy! Oh my gosh, one bite and the softness of the bread, the juice from the porchetta, the crunch of the pork skin, the sweetness of the onion marmalade, the fresh of the cress brought me to paradise. You have to try this!!! I am definitely going back to get more of this sandwich!

Porchetta Sandwich - Traditional Italian farmers market meat, pork loin rolled into the belly with crispy skin and spiced with fresh organic herbs and garnished with onion marmalade and curly cress.

#36: Dry-fried chicken wings at San Tung

My family loves going to San Tung for dinner, especially my little brother. He loves this chicken wings dish so much that he can finish one plate himself. Ask for me, I am usually not a fried chicken fan, but I ate so many of this because the sauce makes this dish so good! Spicy, sweet, and garlic-ky....also, it's not super oily like most fried chicken or chicken wings. Eat them while they're hot!

 Dried-fried Chicken Wings - Crispy exterior glazed with a spicy and sweet sauce.

37. Rotisserie chicken at Limón Rotisserie

My friends and I came here before a concert. I also blogged about this before, and you can find my review for this restaurant here. It's so tender and juicy! We ordered one and ended up ordering another one. Definitely worth making onto the list.

Pollo a la Brasa - Chicken marinated the “traditional way” and slowly cooked in the rotisserie.

#49: Ginger snaps at Miette

I love Miette so much because they make good dessert, and they make them not super sweet. I have tried their macarons, their cakes, and their cupcakes but never have I tried their cookies...oh wait, now I have! Oh yeah, you can find my Miette's macaron review here.

Anyhow, A container of 12 gingersnaps costs $7, but it's so worth it! It is so rich in ginger flavor and so crisp and crunchy. It also contains a rich ginger aroma. Hmm hmm! It's a little embarrassing but I am going to say this anyways, I ate 7 of them in one sitting and called it my lunch for the day. It was that good!

Miette Gingersnaps
[Photo Courtesy of Victor Duan]

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