Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Swish Swish! Japanese Beef Fondue

First off...Happy Anniversary My Dear Boyfriend!

My boyfriend and I celebrated the weekend before already, but on the exact date, my boyfriend and I celebrated it again at nonetheless, one of our favorite go-to restaurant, Shabu House, in San Francisco.

I started shabu-ing Japanese style and had my first taste of kobe beef back in 2005, at the only kobe beef serving shabu restaurant in San Mateo, Shabuway. Ever since then, I am in love with this style of cooking because it retains the natural juicy and tenderness and taste of kobe beef.

I realized I been to both Shabuway and Shabu House so many times already, but never once did I review it except on Yelp. Anyhow, I decided to copy and paste my Yelp review here because I still somewhat stand by it. I will point out some more of what I excluded before and how I feel about it now since about a year ago, I think they changed the owner.

Shabu House
5158 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA
(415) 933-8600

Review on 03/07/2008 on Yelp!
"Wow, finally a shabu shabu place in SF with good Kobe beef!
I ordered the ginger chicken soup base with large Kobe beef plate. The portion is good--a bowl of rice, a rectangular plate filled with beef, another rectangular plate filled with veggies (which consists of napa cabbage, spinach, udon, inoki, fresh shitake, corn, 2 carrot sticks, and 3 cubes of tofu) and a scoop of green tea or red bean ice cream. I left with a full belly.
I went during lunch, and a large is about $12.99, which is pretty decent! The waiter was very nice, he let my friend and I change the channel on the television, and replaced my ponzu sauce when it got watery. The restaurant is very clean looking too. All in all, it was a good shabu experience.

edit:// I also went there for dinner a week later, and oh my gosh, the spicy miso soup base rocks my tummy! The beef tastes so good even without the ponzu sauce with that soup base. It tastes so fresh! There are more workers working at night, and they are just as nice!

edit #2:// The fourth time I was there, the beef was cut differently, therefore, it lacks the marbled patterns. It wasn't as tender as before, but it's still one of the best shabu I had. The service was extraordinary though. =)"

Shabu House Regular Kobe Beef Meal- A plate of kobe beef, a plate of vegetable, which includes spinach, napa cabbage, a shiitake mushroom, a bundle of inoki mushrroom, 3 cubes of tofu, 2 baby carrots, and some udon and ponzu and sesame dipping suace. It also comes with a bowl of rice and with a scoop of ice cream. The large cube of tofu in the front is from their appetizer--adegashi tofu.

So as of today, Shabu House still serves American kobe beef, but it wasn't as nicely marble as before. Also, they still serve traditional broth with water, ginger chicken and spicy miso. But to me the spicy miso is not as rich as when it first open--it seems a little bit water down now. Other than that, the beef and vegetable portion is still pretty large. Oh, but the price increased a bit now.

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