Monday, February 22, 2010

Yanagi Sushi & Grill

6599 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA
(925) 556-9575

Went to Yanagi Sushi & Grill one evening for dinner. The place looks really bright and decorative with friendly servers. The restuarant is divided into three sections--the sushi bar, the regular dinning area, and the grill and seating area which reminds me of places like Benihana.

Upon waiting to be seated, the hostess asked where my boyfriend and I want to be seated--at the bar, the grill or the dinning room. I got confused and said anywhere is fine. But I guess we had to make a decision because she just stood until we gave her an answer. We said sushi bar.

Yanagi's menu consisted of sushi, udon, rice, combo, grilled items and Japanese appetizers. We ordered some from each catagory.

My boyfriend wanted oysters, so we order oysters.
Half shelled oyster with ponzu, sirracha, and topped with green onions and tobiko

We though the oysters are the small kind, but they were huge. I dislike oyster, but ate two to help my boyfriend out. The oyster smells fresh, and the ponzu sauce was good, but at the end of the night, when we were home, we were food poisoned. So highly NOT recommended.

Futomaki -- Spinach, tamago, pickled radishes, carrots, imitation crab meat

As always I ordered my futomaki! I like Yanagi's futomaki because the layer of rice is pretty thin, so I can taste everything. I never seen imitation crab meat in a futomaki before. I guess this one is not completely vegetarian.

We also ordered Lava Tataki, which is marinated beef seared on the outside on a grill and then seared again on the top side with a torch.

Lava Tataki - Seared marinated beef in ponzu sauce

I think the tataki was my favorite dish of the night. It was very tender and sweet since it was partially raw. The garlic on the outside of the beef added some spice and kick to the sweetness.

Yakisoba  - stirfry noodle with chicken, shrimps and vegetable with yakisoba sauce

Nothing too special, taste like regular yakisoba. The chicken pieces were a bit rough though. I finished the noodle but not all the chicken.

Combo with Spicy Sesame Chicken, Teriyaki Beef and Yaki Niku.

The combo was huge! It comes with miso soup, salad and rice. The spicy chicken was very tasty but it reminded me of the ones from places like Panda Express. The Yaki Niku was a bit  salty. The teriyaki beef was impressively good. I think it's because they use skirt steak, so it was very tender.

Yanagi really cares about presentation too. Many of the food were nicely placed on the dish and decorated with orchids. We ordered 5 items, and 4 out of 5 contains an orchid. The sushi chef has a box filled with orchids.

The service was okay. I could see the servers attended to the tables very often, but since we sat at the sushi bars, they only come to us once in awhile. And with the food poisoning episode, I would still go back, but just never ever order the oysters again or maybe the lava tateki.

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