Friday, February 19, 2010

Higuma Japanese Restaurant

540 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA

My coworkers and I came here for lunch in the middle of the week. It is one of the few ramen places in Redwood City. Higuma is very small and quite hard to spot when driving down the road, but it is usually filled. Higuma's menu offers ramen, udon, soba, bento boxes and of course sushi.

At lunch time, they have special combos that are decent in pricings.

Spicy Miso - Ramen, chashu, beansprouts, mushroom and dried seaweed

Higuma serves thick ramen in delicious broth. The broth is flavorful but nothing too interesting. The ramen also look pretty simple compared to others.

Chicken Teriyaki and Sashimi Combo - California rolls, assorted fish sashimi, chicken teriyaki, salad, miso soup and rice for only $8.50!

I hesitated about ordering sashimi in bento boxes in every Japanese restaurants, but I ended up orderng it anyways. Most restaurants serve salmon and tuna in their bento boxes, but Higuma is different. My sashimi included white tuna, halibut and I think red tuna. The portion of chicken is just perfect, but a bit too salty for me since the chicken was drench in a lot of teriyaki sauce. The California roll is pretty good, not sloppy and not filled with a lot of mayo.

I would come back to Higuma every time I need a ramen fix. It is nothing too exciting but it's good as it is.

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