Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 Big Eat SF List: #92 Mission Hot Dog Cart & #97 Truly Mediterranean

#92 Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog from a Cart in the Mission (preferably when you're drunk)

So I had these hot dogs before when I was tipsy as well as recently when I was sober. To me, they tasted good either way, but I don't think I would go crazy about them. It is just a regular hot dog wrapped in bacon grilled on top of grease. Then it is covered in generous amount of grilld onions, ketchup, mustard and mayo ( I got mine without mayo). I think anything with grease, grilled onion and mayo would taste delicious! These carts roll around the street of Mission and stop at the corners every so often from 10pm to about 3am. The tip to find them is to look for crowds of people at corners or the edge of the sidewalks.

#97 Lamb Schawerma at Truly Mediterranean

Ah, lamb! I don't like lamb because of the game-y taste but since it's on the list, I must do it! Went to Truly Mediterranean and ordered a Lamb Schawerma and a Falafel Regular. The Lamb Schawerma consists of thin marinated slices of lamb and beef, broiled tomatoes, parsley, seasoned onions, with Tahini sauce on lavash. Lavash is a thin flat bread made with flour, water and salt. It looks like tortilla wrap but different texture and taste. The falafel one is also pretty good and it was also a Best of SF winner awhile back. The lamb was just a teeny bit game-y but manageable. The falafel is greenish and very flavorful. Both wraps were delicious, but they consisted of so much onions that all they left a strong onion after taste the night and the day after even after brushing, flossing and mouthwashing. Remember to bring gum! Also, try not to go late at night because the neighborhood is a bit scary. A homeless kept walking in and swear at the workers. Talking about the workers, they are all Mexican when I was there, and they super friendly. This place is very different from all the fancy Mediterranean places I'd been to, nevertheless, the food tastes good!

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