Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beautiful Invitation

Sometime it's so dreadful to walk to the mailbox to get mail when I can just walk into the house right away and rest. But today, I was glad I went to get my mail. I received a giant silvery envelope and right away, I knew what was inside.
Congratuation Meiling and Marcus!

Look at the beautiful and thoughtful invites! My camera doesn't do justice to the beautiful sparkly plum purple paper. I also love the black leave patterns. Oh yeah, the stamps matches perfectly too--the purple flower and the orange butterfly.
There's a pocket that holds the map and R.S.V.P form. The actual invite has several layer, which adds some depth for the eyes. Very clean cut and very elegant!

Wedding invitations are expensive to make and order. I am going to keep this along with my other gorgeous invites.

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