Friday, May 6, 2011

Cookies Cookies...Cupcakes

So I always wanted to make Cookie Monster cupcakes. When Hansen's birthday is around the corner, I told Lucia that I want to make him some. I ordered the sprinkles ahead of time, but didn't have time to make it until a week after his birthday. So I made some and delivered it to him. I tried looking for a giftbox and I only found one that pack four, so in the end, I brought the remaining ones to work.
As much as I try to make them all the same, I love how they all have different expression. They all have different personalities. The one in the giftbox looks very scared, haha.

It's so funny that on the same day, I came upon a kid cookie monster T-shirt at Target. My brother saw it and fell in love with it, so my mom bought it. Good thing I can fit into it also. Maybe I can borrow it sometimes and deliver Cookie Monster Cupcakes with it!

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