Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Morning at the Farmer's Market

I love farmer's market, especially the one at the San Francisco Ferry Building. It's a routine to get my coffee first at the market as long as it's morning! I haven't had coffee for two weeks, but when I knew I was going to be at the Ferry Building, I had to get a cup of Blue Bottle!

I like their drip coffee with a splash of soy milk.

I know there's skinny and regular asparagus, or even purple and yellow ones, but jumbo? Whoa!

I love the farmer's market because I always discover new kind of produce but I also love it because the market is filled with colors...beautiful, vibrant and natural colors.
Mountains of cheeses! I love cheeses! Today I found a really nice cheese called the Dante. It's a sheep milk cheese from Wisconsin. It's a little dry and crumbly with a perfect amount of salt! It's also quite nutty, which I love, love, and love! Nutty cheeses are great eaten with any dish and of course, by themselves!

One of my favorite stores at the Ferry Building is the Farwest Fungi. Oh mushrooms!!
My friend and I spent about 2 hours there and if I wasn't living alone right now, I would definitely stock up on more food than what I can carry. But my "harvest" today was pretty good and decent! I got exactly what I wanted.
I ended up with a rustic deli roll and a hot dog bun from Acme Bread. Two Beefsteak tomatoes and two Cherokee tomatoes, and some shiitake, king trumpet, lion's mane and shiimeji.
Stay tune on what I will be making with these lovely food!

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