Friday, May 13, 2011

One Ingredient Ice Cream

So Haagen-Dazs sure beats its competitor for having the least ingredients ice cream-five. But there is a very common way to make ice cream with just ONE ingredient. Beat that Haagen-Dazs!

So this one ingredient is fat-free and dairy-free! It's vegan! BUT of course, sometimes things are too good to be true. This one ingredient ice cream has limited flavor. That's so b-a-n-a-n-a-s huh? That's right! It's banana!

So I knew about this before when I froze a banana and dip it into chocolate for frozen banana. I love it! It's so rich and creamy like that. So when I found out that masheing up the banana can make it even creamier, I got super excited! Come on, it's only 200 calories per 1 cup, which is about two extra large bananas. It also contains 1g of fat and 6g of dietary fiber. Oh yes, it's super rich in vitamin C and potassium also. Where can you find an ice cream like that?
It's super simple. Take some "old" or browned banana and slice it up. Then freeze it for an hour or so. Then with a blender or food processor, blend it all up. Smashing it with a fork works too but that requires more arm work. It is ready to be served after, but I usually like to stick it back in the freezer for another twenty minutes or so. For creamier texture, you can add in some whipped cream or peanut butter when blending.
The banana taste is actually pretty subtle. So I feel like I can add whatever I want in there and still make this ice cream taste good and banana-less. Here are some of the combination I came up with.

Peanut Banana and Chocolate = Add chopped peanuts and chocolate chunks
Peanut Butter, Jelly & Banana = Add peanut butter + jelly
Strawberry Banana = Add strawberry chunks or strawberry jam
Pina Colada = Add pineapple and shredded dried coconut
Yum! Very addictive and super guilt-free!

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