Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kowloon Cafe

15828 Hesperian Blvd (between Grant Ave & Post St)
San Lorenzo, CA 94580
(510) 276-6888

Once in awhile I would crave for Hong Kong style cafe food. I just like the simple sauces they have over a bed of rice or spaghetti. Kowloon Cafe was pretty new compared to other Chinese restaurant in the area, so I had to go try when I found out where it was.

It was pretty hidden considering where it was located. At first I thought it would look a little run down like most HK style cafe are, but it wasn't. The air inside the cafe smelled just like those I'd been to in Hong Kong except Kowloon Cafe was much fancier with their cotton padded booth.

I'd been to Kowloon Cafe three times now, and each time I tried something new. I had tried their Baked Spaghetti, Chicken Curry with rice, wonton noodle soup, Crab and Shrimp Spaghetti and their Adegashi tofu. I also tried their HK Style milk tea, which was perfectly sweeten. Everything tasted original. The presentation of the food was very inviting and appetizing. The little sprinkle of parsley on the Baked Spaghetti showed that they are very detailed oriented. The sauce was very tasty and aromatic. It also wasn't overly salty or overly brown. It also had the perfect amount of cheese and meat. The spaghetti wasn't al dente, but it wasn't overcooked either. The chicken curry came out shortly after and it was really bright yellow. It was very appetizing as well since they put red and green pepper into it. The sauce looks like it has a lot of corn starch though. It was flavorful but it left me really thirsty after.

Baked Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

The Wonton Noodle Soup was just okay though. It lacked white pepper flavors, which I love in wontons. The soup was pretty bland, a lot of hot sauce and some soy sauce was needed when eating it. The Adagashi tofu was Japanese inspired. It was good. Thin crispy skin tofu soaked in tempura sauce, and topped with bonito flakes. The Crab and Shrimp spaghetti though was a bit weird. It was just a bunch of white sauce filled with crab and shrimp on the side of a bed of spaghetti. The sauce was a little too thick and there was a piece of harden and unbroken flour in there.

Chicken Curry with Rice
Overall, Kowloon Cafe was pretty good. Their service was great too. After going back three times, of course, I would still continue to go back. But yes, I came to conclusion so far, their Baked Spaghetti was by far the best dish at this place so far. I need to try some other dishes next time though...or maybe when I feel adventuus.

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