Thursday, May 12, 2011

Holy Cow Skinny Cow!

I am always amazed how Nestle came out with their Skinny Cow line of low calories ice cream bar and ice cream. The same size cup of ice cream or ice cream bar but half the calories!
Anyhow, so when I saw their new line of candy bars and candy mosels at Walgreen, I had to buy some to try!
Once I got home, I tried the Peanut & Butter crisp right away. It's like a long wafer cookies covered by thin layer of chocolate. The wafer cookie is very airy and is not as dense as Kit Kats. The chocolate layer is also pretty thin but satisfying. I love the peanut butter taste. It was pretty good, but I actually want more after that. That definitely defeats the purpose of eating low calorie food.
I also tried the milk chocolate clusters that have rice crisps and caramel in the center. It's not as creamy as I thought it would be. I prefer the crisp bar better.
As much as I prefer a real chocolate candy bar, I think this is pretty good alternative for those who just wants the taste and crunch of chocolate or peanut butter.

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