Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fish Taco

This is not the average deep fried fish taco. In fact, the fish is not even fried at all (because I hate fried fish). I first got the inspiration from Namu's Korean tacos at the restaurant and farmer's market (, which are super duper delicious by the way. Tonight, I decided to make Japanese tacos.

Fried seaweed, ponzu marinated brown rice, avocado, seared tuna, chipotle sour cream, pickled ginger and sesame seeds.
Even though this is Japanese, I chose to use Korean seaweed. It's more transparent and crisp, and also more flavorful since it's favored with sesame oil.
I topped the seaweed with brown rice. I marinated the brown rice with ponzu sauce instead of rice vinegar like in sushi rice. Ponzu is a bit sour by itself and the soy will go perfect with tuna.
I added thin slices of avocado for its creaminess. Also avocado tastes very good with tuna!
Next, I seared some tuna, and sliced it thinly. Sear it on each side for about 5 seconds. The more seared the tuna is, the rougher the outer layers get, which cause the tuna to flake off easily. So don't oversear.
Top it off with some chipotle sour cream! I don't like the nasal kick of the wasabi, so I decided to use chiptole. It tastes super yummy with tuna! If you don't like sour cream, use olive oil! But the sour cream definitely helps tone down the spiciness of the chiptole a bit. I just smashed very little of chiptole pepper with the sour cream.
Next, add a little spice and kick to all by adding pickled ginger.

Lastly, sprinkle some white sesame seeds for that toasty flavor. I also drizzled some more ponzu onto the tuna right before serving.
All to myself!
Special thanks to Di for helping me get this beautiful tuna.

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